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Find Vista Hermosa: Tofino Map

Vista Hermosa is located in Tofino, BC on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Find Tofino: By Car

To reach Tofino by car, travel to Vancouver Island via ferry service from Vancouver (Horseshoe Bay or Tsawassen) or Seattle. Travel North from Nanaimo on Highway 19 for 43 km. Take Exit 60 onto Highway 4 West, also known as the Pacific Rim Highway and travel 156 km through spectacular Cathedral Grove, storic Port Alberni and by spectacular Sproat Lake and Kennedy Lake. Take a right turn at the junction between Tofino and Ucluelet. You will head north 28 kilometres through the Pacific Rim National Park and Long Beach to Tofino.

Find Tofino: By Ferry

BC Ferries travels from Vancouver (Horseshoe Bay and Tsawassen) to Vancouver Island (Nanaimo and Sydney, near Victoria). Washington Ferries travels from Anacortes to Sidney, near Victoria. Passenger only ferries also travel from Washington State to Vancouver Island.

Find Tofino: By Bus

Buses leave from Vancouver Airport to Vancouver Island. Tofino Bus leaves from Victoria, Nanaimo and Port Alberni for Tofino.

Find Tofino: By Plane

Planes travel to Tofino from Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and Seattle.

After You've Arrived in Tofino: Find Vista Hermosa

Once you get close to the village of Tofino, the Highway will become Campbell Street. Continue through the downtown section of Tofino to the flashing red signal light at First Street. Turn right onto First Street at the and continue down to Main Street and turn left onto Main. Continue down Main Street and Vista Hermosa is the cedar sided house on the right.

Eric Jensen
Local 250 726-5014